Over 20 years of contribution for supporting the quality improvement of Vietnamese living standard
Believing in the good thing is the reason why we always supply the best quality products to bringing healthy and nutrition products for Vietnam family.
Providing the Freshness and Safety foods to customers Healthy living is leading to happiness. We focus on Hygiene and Safety Standardization with Fresh - Clean - Delicious criteria in every farming products before sending to the selling Area Committing for sustainable development With the business philosophy that focuses on customer Reliables, MM Mega Market has also concentrated to innovative solutions, in companion with the development of Vietnam Economic Growth
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Vietnam's leading distributor for wholesale and retail products

MM Mega Market Vietnam (MMVN) has the vision of developing a model of professional supply chain, which is the connecting from farmers and local manufacturers to consumers, with 90% of goods sourcing in Vietnam.

FOOD@MM Accompanying
professional chefs
Food@MM is a cooperative program between MM Mega Market and Saigon Professional Chefs Association (SPC) to bring the great recipes to diversifying the daily meals of Vietnamese families.
FOOD@MM Inspiring all Vietnamese to cook Food@MM brings diverse and attractive dishes from many regions and countries, moreover, ensures the criteria of easy processing, remain nutrition and convey positive messages to make housework easier than ever.
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