1. For customers who are enterprises (limited liability company, joint stock company, joint-venture company, private enterprise, etc.) or business households:

- Business Registration Certificate

- Tax Identification Number Registration

- List of Employees who are offered cards

- Employees referral letters to make membership cards

2. For customers who are individual trading households or services (individuals conducting commercial activities independently, not subject to business registration as prescribed by law).

- Enterprise registration certificate of local government

- Business Certificate of the Market Management or local government (applicable to customers doing business at the market)

- Tax receipts, business license tax or tax of the most recent month compared to the current month (applicable to customers not doing business at the market)

3. For customers who are government organizations, state agencies, educational institutions, public social service agencies, non-governmental organizations, representative offices of foreign organizations in Vietnam, Foreign administrative agencies:

- License for establishment of company - Tax Identification Number Registration

- Legal Operation Registration Certificate

- Operation certificate drafted by the customer, including the signature of the legal representative and the legally valid stamp of the customer.