Quality Control at MMVN’s Stores


MMVN is a 100% foreign owned company operating in the field of modern distribution in Vietnam, we have been present in Vietnam for many years and have extensive experience in applying national and international standards in product quality assurance.

MMVN is proud to be the only modern distribution enterprise in Vietnam to hold certificate and operate a food safety management system which complies with requirement of ISO 22000:2018.

To comply with the standard ISO 22000:2018, MMVN must meet all applicable food safety-related statutory and regulatory requirements.

ISO 22000 covers organizations across the whole food chain, from the farm to the table. Although the primary concern regarding food safety is the control of food safety hazards at the point of consumption, these hazards can occur at any point along the food chain. Because of this, it’s crucial to have adequate controls in place throughout the food chain, and all the organizations involved must collaborate to ensure safety. With fresh agricultural products, harzards control from the moment the product is formed is the most important.

MMVN is a distributor with close links with farmers to be able to control hazards, control product quality at the farm level. MMVN is also operate food safety management system complies with ISO 22000:2018. It can be said that MMVN has a perfect system to well controls hazard, supply chain (included cold chain), and food traceability from farms to table.

MM Hong Bang is a center that has been certified in accordance with ISO 22000:2018. Besides, MMVN has always demonstrated its commitment to food safety beyond regulatory requirements.

ISO 22000:2018 supports us drive to achieve the highest levels of food safety. As a result, MMVN’s products always ensure food safety and hygiene, meet the increasing requirements of customers and bring peace of mind and trust to consumers.

ISO 22000:2018 certification is a foundation for MMVN to continue standardizing the management system to improve product quality and develop sustainably. At the same time, improve competitiveness in the market, maintain position and serve customers better and better.

With the quality management system complies with requirement of ISO 22000:2018, MMVN confidently in contribution of safe food for MMVN customers in particular and the community in general.