Customer can order easily via website MM Click&Get

MM Mega Market Vietnam Promotes Online Shopping Solutions

MM Mega Market Vietnam (MM) promotes its online shopping solutions. This is one of the major efforts from MM Vietnam in providing customers a safe and convenient shopping experience amid the unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak.


MM Mega Market provides 3 flexible online shopping channels according to customers’ habits, including:

– MM Click & Get website (

– Hotline of each supermarket (Telesales)

– Zalo Official Account (OA) channel.

Customer can easily place order via 3 online shopping channels of MM

Customer can easily place order via 3 online shopping channels of MM


Mr. Bruno Jousselin, Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam shared “Nowadays, online shopping has increasingly popular and it’s becoming a global trend. At MM Mega Market Vietnam, one of our four core values is Technology & Innovation, we always look forward to expanding an omni channels to offer customers a comprehensive shopping experience in the digital transformation era. Moreover, in the context of Covid-19 outbreak as well as responding to the Government’s call to implement the 5K message, online shopping will be a safe choice for consumers at peak hours. And we are committed to enrich our online offers & services to better serve customers. Our target is to also timely update customers of our system / website status in the event of any speed slowing down or other issues and their order status so we are working closely with all Logistics Service Providers to tackle this point.”


A great diversity of products and promotions

MM Mega Market’s online shopping channels currently allow customers to access about 7,000 products of various categories, from fresh, frozen and dry goods to essential items which are wholly available and fully stock. Especially our Ultra Fresh products are certified food safety and hygiene as well as traceability which we privilege our direct sourcing strategy with our five sourcing platforms operating across Vietnam. In particular, MM’s online shopping channels constantly update attractive promotions such as Super Good Prices, Weekend Shock Prices, Fresh Goods at Best Prices Every Day, … and seasonal programs such as Euro 2021, …

MM Mega Market's online shopping channels currently allow customers to access about 7000 products of various categories

MM Mega Market’s online shopping channels currently allow customers to access about 7000 products of various categories


Multi online shopping channels

Besides the variety of products, multi online shopping channels, user-friendly interface and simple process are also an added value of MM’s online shopping solutions. Whether at home, at work, or anywhere, customers can easily order products from MM with any electronic device with an internet connection. When ordering on MM Click & Get website ( or on Zalo OA, customers will receive a confirmation call from supermarket staff before shipping. Payment method applied is cash on delivery (COD). In addition, customers can also call directly to the nearest MM Mega Market center via its Hotline to order goods.

MM Click&Get has a user-friendly interface and simple process

MM Click&Get has a user-friendly interface and simple process

In particular, MCARD – an extremely convenient application with many benefits for loyal customers was introduced to the market by MM and has received many good feedbacks. With MCARD App, customers can accumulate points up to 4% when shopping, exchanging points for gifts or vouchers or receiving exclusive promotions for VIP customers. If you are a MM Member, remember to download MCARD app, you automatically benefit from our Loyalty program.


Free delivery and lead time within 4 hours

Delivery costs will no longer be your concern, MM Mega Market’s online shopping solutions offer customers free shipping within 10km in the lead time of 4 hours. And we are striving to enrich our delivery network to shorten the delivery time. Just stay at home, with some simple clicks and you can get whatever you want. For orders placed after 5pm, the goods will be shipped on the next day. Besides the COD payment form, customers in the lockdown areas can pay via bank transfer to minimize the close contact.


Mr. Bruno Jousselin added “Since the 4th outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam, the number of orders coming from online shopping channels has increased significantly, 7-8 times higher than the previous wave. Online shopping not only helps customers save time and effort in daily consumption, but during the current complicated pandemic, this is the safest shopping trend for us to protect ourselves, our family, and society. Maintaining social distancing and staying safe at home are also the way we show our responsibility to the community in joining hands against the pandemic. With the desire of bringing joy and convenience to our customer when they experience the online shopping, we are committed to continuously invest in our Digital channels for both B2B and B2C customers in the future. Furthermore, we are studying and attempting to put into practice the Pick & Go service. Powered by A.I. technology, without having to wait for long queues, just simply grab what you want and just walk out the store as they will be automatically charged to your account within seconds”.