Stuffed “Belcube” cheese sausage with giant baguette

– La Vache Quirit cheese: 3 Pack
– Baguette (size 800g): 1pcs
– Sausage (1kg): 1pcs
– Baked beans: 1 Can
– Ketchup: 60gr
– Yellow mustard: 60gr

– Take the hole in the middle of the sausage, then stuff the cheese inside.
– Put the stuffed sausage on the tray with bake beans on top, put in the oven at 165oC, 40 minutes.
– Baguette cut in half but not separated. Put the grilled sausage on the bread, drizzle bean sauce with ketchup, mustard, and cheese. Put some minced parsley on top and finish.