Washington Delegation visits MM Mega Market (Vietnam) to survey the distribution of Washington apples

On April 11th, Washington Delegation made a field trip to MM Mega Market An Phu

The last trade mission to Vietnam by a Washington state governor occurred in 2010. In the intervening 14 years, Vietnam has experienced enormous growth and change. Its GDP has grown by over USD$300 billion to $468 billion, its population now exceeds 100 million, and in the last several years its economy has been among the fastest growing in the world.

Nearly 30 years after the normalization of relations between the two countries, Vietnam is also of dramatic significance to the United States as a whole. In September 2023, Vietnam and the United States signed an agreement for a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, elevating the relationship to the equal of the relationship with China. Through the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, the United States is committed to supporting Vietnam in manufacturing high-quality digital and physical infrastructure development, just energy transition, sustainable and smart agriculture, and broader and sustained participation in regional and global supply chains.

Mr. Derek Sandison, Director Washington State Dept. of Agriculture, aims to enhance apple exports into Viet Nam

Amid this context, Washington State has an enormous amount both to offer, and to gain, from deepening our partnership with Vietnam. Over 92,000 people of Vietnamese ethnicity call Washington state home and Vietnamese is the second-most spoken Asian language in the State. Given the strength of Washington state in agriculture, advanced technology, energy transition, forestry, and a strong STEM workforce, Vietnam represents great potential for business and collaboration. Vietnam has become a key trading partner for Washington food and agriculture products and is a top market for Washington apples, cherries, dairy products and beef. Demand for Washington wheat, seafood, hops, French fries and wine also continues to grow as Vietnamese consumers seek high-quality, safe and nutritious products.

MM Mega Market (Vietnam) is the only foreign direct investment (FDI) retailer in the Washington Delegation’s business trip. This once again confirms MMVN’s constant efforts to become Vietnam’s leading destination for direct-imported goods, offering customers diverse imported products, as well as the world culinary experiences through Tastes of Country program. Particularly, MMVN focuses on exporting fruits and agricultural products, conquering large foreign markets such as the United States, Europe, South Korea, and Japan.

Washington State expects to increase to 900 tons of Washington apples into Vietnam

Key activities includes:

  • Business Recruitment and Engagement: Key meetings to recruit businesses to Washington state, as well as business-to-business (B2B) meetings of note.
  • Culture, Diplomacy, Political: Meetings with in-country political leaders (head of government, ministerial, legislative), heads of state and their representatives, and U.S. government officials.
  • Experiential Learning: Meet with key industry leaders and discuss implementation of key technologies to modernize, such as agriculture technology, Al and machine learning, renewable energy and energy storage, as well as port infrastructure development.