Taste of Korea with Korean food at MM Mega Market

On April 5th, at MM Mega Market An Phu, the “Taste of Korea” competition officially took place with the presence of Mr. Yu Byung Ha – Consul of Korea to Vietnam, and Mr. Cho Sung Bae – Director of aT Center in Ho Chi Minh City. The winning semi-professional chefs will receive vouchers for trips to Korea worth up to 20 million VND.

Korean cuisine has long been popular and become a favourite taste of Vietnamese food lovers. Korean culinary art is the delicate combination of ingredients and spices, bringing a rich and distinctive flavour that young people prefer such as soybean paste, kimchi, noodles, hotteok, mandu dumplings, etc.

Taste of Korea provides attractive promotions

Regarding the Taste of Korea, MM Mega Market organized a cooking competition that attracted the participation of over 30 semi-professional chefs and culinary students in Ho Chi Minh City. Beyond the mere cooking competition building cultural exchange bridges, Tastes of Korea serves as a means for significant cultural exchanges, as well as promoting connection, innovation, and creativity in Vietnamese-Korean cuisine. This is also an opportunity for chefs and food enthusiasts to showcase their creative abilities, exploring the richness of cultural and culinary aspects of Korean food.

Each team made two Korean dishes within 60 minutes

The preliminary round features Korean fruit desserts that gained over 30 registrations. Then, the top 4 outstanding candidates were selected by Chef Cam Thien Long – MM Mega Market (Vietnam) brand ambassador to shine in the final round, cooking with Kimchi and Korean chewy chicken at MM Mega Market An Phu. The dishes were eye-catching, while still ensuring the distinctive flavour of Korean cuisine.

Mr Yu Byung Ha – Consul of Korea to Vietnam and Mr Cho Sung Bae – Director of aT Center gave positive praises and encouragements to all candidates

Furthermore, with the desire to bring distinctive Korean cuisine closer to Vietnamese kitchens, MM Mega Market offers over 250 Korean products, along with attractive promotions such as pickled radish kimchi (VND 79,000 per 1kg), mandu dumplings (VND 39,000 per 350g), up to 48% discount on fish-shaped ice cream, seaweed rolls, Korean spaghetti sauce, frozen oysters, buy 2 get 1 free on tokbokki, Korean rice water, and Pororo drinks.

Taste of Korea will take place within 14 days (from March 28, 2023, to April 10, 2023) at MM Mega Market centres nationwide. Especially, customers engage in the “journey” to discover the delicious taste of Korea through different activities, including Korean product and food samplings on weekends.