Sharing insights from industry leaders on sustainability and green initiatives

On August 29th, MM Mega Market Vietnam was invited to share our sustainability approaches in the Vietnam Industry and Trade Review’s talk show under the “Green Production and Green Supply Chain: Solutions for Sustainable Development” topic. Over the years, MM has made outstanding achievements to become a leading green retailer in Vietnam with some remarkable success:

MM Mega Market shared insights into green production and sourcing for green growth

✔️ Reduce nearly 10 million plastic wastes by proactively stopping offering single-use plastic bags and offering alternative solutions such as multiple-use bags, free carton boxes, and, recently, bio-degradable bags.
✔️ Reduce up to 5,000 tCO2e in 2022 by replacing the fluorescent light system with LED lights to save electricity waste and adopt solar rooftops at our 11 stores.
✔️ Place the collection bins for milk cartons, aluminum cans, and electronic waste at MM stores nationwide in collaboration with leading green manufacturers such as Tetra Pak Vietnam, TBC-Ball, and Vietnam Recycles Organization. MM is going to cooperate with Alta Plastic to place automatic plastic bottle receivers in 2023.
✔️ Is going to implement the Organic Waste Reduction Project by cooperating with Green Connect to utilize organic waste as food for chickens and black soldier fly larvae in cage-free egg production.

MM is proud of our journey and remains steadfast in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable future. Thanks to our customers, partners, and employees, who never stop to support and believe in our core values. Together, we work toward the goal of Net-zero emissions by 2040.