Pork products under MM Mega Market’s private label brand, “We Are Fresh,” has launched a “deal shock” initiative to collaborate with pig farmers and promote fresh, high-quality meat products at stable prices.

As a pioneer in building and developing a safe, closed and sustainable food supply chain with “From Farm to Fork” model, MM Mega Market currently operates five direct sourcing platforms in key agricultural areas. These areas include Da Lat for vegetables, Can Tho for fish, Dong Nai and Hanoi for pork, and Tien Giang for fruit. Among these, the “We Are Fresh” clean pork private label of MM Mega Market Vietnam has partnered with over 200 farmers and cooperatives from Vietnam’s two large-scale pork production regions, daily delivering 30 tons of fresh pork to the domestic market. It has consistently been the top choice for both HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and canteens) and household customers.

From February 24th, MM applied the “shocking price” program for pork products

Facing the situation of high prices of feed ingredients leading to high livestock costs, farmers’ profits are very low, even at loss. Starting on February 24th, MM Mega Market Vietnam will implement a ” shocking price” program for its “We are Fresh” private label pork products in an effort to promote consumption and increase purchasing power for consumers. This is regarded as the company’s commitment to sharing and ensuring the full output for farmers, instilling trust in them; therefore, they can focus on production, and apply the VietGap standard to raise herds, enhance livestock productivity, and generate stable incomes.

Having presence on the market for six years, pork products under MM’s “We Are Fresh” has earned the trust of millions of Vietnamese consumers who prioritize clean, safe, and healthy food. From the collaboration with livestock households, MM enforces rigorous criteria such as requiring VietGAP certification and ensuring a safe breeding environment for both humans and livestock while also maintaining environmental standards.

MM Mega Market aims to accompany pig farmers to stabilize their incomes and share their difficulties

In particular, MM’s highly skilled agronomists provide continuous support and guidance to farmers, offering advice on best practices for dairy farming, livestock management, breeding and selection, disease prevention, and traceability procedures.

MM applies the specialized refrigerated trucks with temperature monitoring equipment during the process of transporting pork to ensure that pork is preserved from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius, to ensure a continuous cold supply chain and maintain the safety and taste of the meat. The finished meat is packaged properly in each unit with a traceability stamp (QR code).

QR Code allows customers to check product traceability

This program will be implemented throughout the entire MM Mega Market system nationwide, with prices starting at 79,000 VND/kg in the South and Central regions, and 89,000 VND/kg in the North.

MM Mega Market Vietnam also proactively promotes the consumption of agricultural products from the Mekong Delta region at non-profit prices

During these challenging times, MM Mega Market Vietnam is not only supporting and sharing with pig farmers, but is also proactively promoting the consumption of agricultural products from the Mekong Delta region at non-profit prices. For instance, red-fleshed dragon fruit is being sold at 19,000 VND/kg and oranges at 10,800 VND/kg.