MM Mega Market Vietnam Wins the 2022 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards for Green Leadership

In the evening of July 21st, MM Mega Market Vietnam (MM) was honored among top Asian enterprises to receive the 2022 Asia Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA 2022) in Green Leadership category at the virtual award ceremony held by Enterprise Asia. Thanks to the Multi-Site Solar Roof Project, MM Mega Market Vietnam has proved its excellence in using conventional sources of energy and convincingly won against potential candidates from different Asian countries.

MM Mega Market is honored to become the only retailer in Vietnam to receive this prestigious award.

Hosted annually by Enterprise Asia – a non-governmental organization serving the largest business community in the Asia-Pacific region, Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) aims to recognize and honor Asian enterprises, as well as inspire leaders to promote sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibilities. The Green Leadership’s recipients believe in the larger responsibility for recognizing the impact of running their business to the environment and seeks to reduce and reverse the impact.

Since 2011, AREA has recognized over 500 CSR projects and enterprises from 19 different countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This year, a total of 260 submissions across 19 countries/regions have undergone a stringent judging process which is based on the 3 criteria of effectiveness and reach, relevance, and sustainability, and only 100 impactful CSR programs and 3 business leaders were accorded as winners. With the Multi-Site Solar Roof Project, MM Mega Market Vietnam is proud to be the only retailer in Vietnam to win the Green Leadership category.  

Mr. Bruno Jousselin – Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam shared: “It is a great honor for MM Mega Market Vietnam to become the only retailer to receive this prestigious award.  The Green Leadership is the recognition of MM’s persistent and tireless effort to become the leading green retailer in Vietnam in specific and Asia in general. MM aims to inspire individual, household, and professional customers to go green; therefore, promoting the sustainable development of Vietnam’s economy.

“In recent years, MM Mega Market Vietnam has constantly looked for integrated digital solutions to optimize business spending and strive for sustainability. Accordingly, the Multi-Site Solar Roof Project was a promising initiative in our CSR journey. We have considered using multi-site solar panels at parking lots. In 2022, we take advances in using conventional energy sources effectively for all remaining MM centers nationwide. We also have a great ambition to become the first retailer in Vietnam to attain the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)”, he added.

MM Mega Market has worked with Green Yellow Vietnam on the Multi-Site Solar Roof Project.

In January 2021, MM Mega Market chose Green Yellow Vietnam as its strategic partner to implement two phases of the Multi-Site Solar Roof Project. After the completion of Phase 1 in May 2021 which encompassed 12 centers, the installed capacity was 5,101 kWp, generating up to 6,845 MWh per year (supplying up to 30% of the stores’ total electricity needs). It is expected to reach 9,416 kWp after the completion of phase 2. With a total area of 41,900 m2, this project supports MM to reduce its electricity needs by up to 25% and save over 5,4 billion VND for MM’s EVN bills each year. Especially, it enables MM to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 5,700 tonnes each year, equivalent to planting 220,000 trees.

Vietnam is among top countries that have been seriously affected by climate changes. Therefore, green growth is a significant step forward to develop sustainably. At the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26), Vietnam committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Furthermore, the program for social and economic recovery on Jan 30th 2022 has affirmed Vietnam’s determination and action plan to develop a “green economy, circular economy associated with sustainable development”.

The Multi-Site Solar Roof Project of MM Mega Market is a key action plan in response to the Vietnamese government’s call for trading enterprises to use conventional and renewable energy. Besides, as a sustainability strategy of MM Mega Market Vietnam to become leading green retailers in Vietnam and Asia, MM has launched different CSR projects for environmental conservation. Currently, MM is the only retailer in Vietnam that no longer provides customers with single use plastic bags at the cashier. Furthermore, MM has cooperated with Tetra Pak Vietnam to launch a public event to collect used beverage packaging. The enterprise also organizes periodical CSR activities to inspire a green lifestyle and contribute to Vietnam’s sustainable development in the near future.

Customers use MM reusable shopping bags instead of single use plastic bags at the cashiers.

A periodical “Joining Hands for Community” activity organized by MM Mega Market.

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