MM Mega Market Vietnam summarizes the “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese products” campaign, accompanying the “Shopping Season 2023” and celebrating the 7th Birthday

On July 7th, the Conference to summarize the “Vietnamese Give Priority to Use Vietnam’s Products” Program and the “Shopping Season 2023” launching event were officially held at MM Mega Market An Phu with the participation of Mr. Nguyen Ho Hai – the Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Mrs. Tran Kim Yen – the Chairman of Fatherland Front Committee, and other Leaders from different Departments of Ho Chi Minh City.

7-year journey of MM Mega Market to encourage Vietnamese customers to use Vietnamese products

Looking back on the 7-year-journey in Vietnam’s Retail Market, MM Mega Market (MMVN) has constantly contributed to the sustainable values of the local community and successfully achieved major milestones in positioning itself as the leading Wholesaler and Retailer for Professionals and Households in Vietnam.

MM Mega Market introduces its private-label được giới thiệu tại sự kiện

Aiming to constantly promote local products to Vietnamese customers, this year, MM Mega Market has officially launched two largest and holistic stabilized pricing campaigns at 21 MM centers nationwide. Specifically, Wholesale Price benchmarks preferential prices for fresh food items with the traditional wholesale market every two weeks. Lock Price offers stabilized prices for more than 500 domestic commodities at stabilized prices in three months.

Pioneering in developing the sustainable and green supply chain of Vietnamese agricultural products, MM Mega Market Vietnam significantly enhances and brings high-quality OCOPs at a stabilized price. In alignment with our closed supply chain model – “From Farm to Folk”, MM Mega Market Vietnam collaborates with local farmers and cooperatives to develop permanent OCOP and Tourist Corners to introduce local food and non-food specialities at our 21 nationwide stores.


Mrs. Tran Kim Yen, the Chairman of Fatherland Front Committee, summarized the activities for promoting Vietnamese products

We are the first retailer to promote an online page for OCOP exclusively on MM Mall Marketplace for Professional customers. MM actively participates in the supply-demand connection and business matching programs between Ho Chi Minh City and other regions. Furthermore, we collaborate with the DOITs to organize the OCOP Fair annually and sign the MOUs with OCOP suppliers to feature thousands of regional specialities and bring high-quality OCOPs into our distribution systems.

The Seasonal Fruit Fairs (e.g., Lychee Week, Mango Week) and Ultra-fresh Fairs (e.g., Mushroom Fair) are also held regularly at our nationwide stores to constantly promote the consumption of agricultural products.

Export is seen as one of MM’s key strategies in the upcoming period. In 2022, MM Mega Market’s export turnover reached 60 billion VND. This year, MM prepares to export to other markets, boosting a turnover of 80 billion VND in 2023 with more than 2000 tons of agricultural and marine products.

Hopefully, we will reach a 100-billion VND turnover for Vietnamese agricultural products by 2024. Combined with the Summer Shopping Season 2023 of Ho Chi Minh City, MM celebrates its 7th Birthday in Vietnam by bringing the largest promotion “Sale Sap San” via nearly 2,000 products.


MM Mega Market launches super attractive promotions for Shopping Season 2023 and MM Birthday

Accordingly, we bring numerous offers, focusing on prices for mega-sized products with various and super attractive promotions mechanics such as Buy 2 for 1, Golden Hour at Shock Price, Two-Week-One-Price of VND 40k, Last Super Sale week with up to 90% off, together with other opportunities to Win Gold and valuable prizes, and Multiply MCard Points, etc.