MM Mega Market Vietnam organizes the Taste of Thai with thousands of promotional activities

On October 27th 2022, the “Taste of Thai” officially kicked off at MM Mega Market An Phu with the presence of H.E. Ms. Wiraka Moodhitaporn – Consul General of Royal Thai Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, PhD. Mrs. Suparporn Sookmark – Director of Thai Trade Center, Ms. Ratiwan Boonprakhong – Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, and Mr. Piyapong Jriyasetapong – Chairman of Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This opening event has come up with various activities to promote Thai products at 21 MM stores nationwide.

The “Taste of Thai” officially kicked off at MM Mega Market An Phu

Being known as “Thai Destination” in Vietnam, MM Mega Market has long been an ideal shopping center for customers who love Thai products. The “Taste of Thai” which lasts from October 27th to November 9th, is an opportunity for customers to have the exciting shopping experience with more than 2,000 high-quality imported Thai items in various promotional activities such as 5-time accumulated points exclusively for MCard members; Buy more Save more, Buy 2 Get 1, and discounts up to 30% for selected. Customers can also participate in food tasting to experience Thai special dishes, including mango sticky rice, Pad Thai, Thai salad, etc., on the weekend.

Apart from famous Thai brands, which are quite familiar to Vietnamese people such as Red Bull energy drink, Carabao, Lactasoy milk, Pro cosmetic goods (washing powder, dishwashing liquid), Cellox tissue, Sandee rice, Malee canned fruit, Mama/ Waiwai instant noodle, etc. customers have the opportunity to purchase imported signature products “Only at MM”, particularly Bitee confectionery and Maxa cosmetic products. Thai cuisine has long been famous for its distinctive cooking style and contrast blend of herbs, flavors and fresh food. Signature Thai spices such as Nguan Soon Seasoning Powder and Roi Thai Instant Curry at attractive prices inspire Vietnamese to make Thai delicacies at home more easily. MM prioritizes the high-quality and reputable products imported directly in the Taste of Thai. These products are all certified with T-Mark – a symbol of excellence and trusted quality in Thai which logo can be found right on product packaging. These T-Mark products are also specially displayed in a separated island for customers to purchase easily.

Thousands of promotional activities for customers

Mr. Bruno Jousselin – CEO of MM Mega Market Vietnam said: “Thailand and Vietnam have established a strategic partnership since 2013. Thailand is currently Vietnam’s largest trading partner in Southeast Asian (ASEAN) with two-way trade revenue reached 19.5 billion USD in 2021. Therefore, Thailand is currently the 8th largest investor in Vietnam, with more than 600 projects and 13-billion-USD investment capital in total. Both countries are on the way to reach 25 billion USD of two-way trade by 2025. Proudly become the Thai Destination in Vietnam, MM has made a significant contribution to this progress, as well as promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries. We not only bring opportunities for local customers to experience Thai imported products, but also continue to promote exports of Vietnamese products to foreign countries, especially Thailand from 2019. This is also one of MM’s key strategies to maintain a long-term stability, provide excellent customer service, diversify product categories as well as introduce high-quality Vietnamese products to other South-east Asian countries through our extensive network in order to inspire people from all over the world to experience high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products.”

Customer panel with sharings from MM’s Brand Ambassador – Chef Cam Thien Long

A customer panel with more than 20 customers from 4-5-star restaurants and hotels in Ho Chi Minh City was officially organized as a part of the opening event. This event provides interesting sharings about Thai food as well as tailor-made recipes to make Thai delicacies.