MM Mega Market Vietnam opens its first pork feeder in the North

Hanoi, December 14, 2020 – Today, MM Mega Market Vietnam (MM) officially opens the first pork transfer station in the North with the cooperation of Song Dat Food Joint Stock Company, single Pork producer with more than 30 years of experience in Ha Noi. The transfer station is located at Market Village 2 and 3, Van Phuc Commune, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi City, bordering Hung Yen, one of the key places to raise pigs in the North. The cooperation between MM and local businesses – Song Dat, in order to link directly with the pig farmers here, provides opportunities for farmers to participate in the pork production and supply chain VietGAP. to use industrialization and modernization. According to the livestock development strategy for the period 2021-2030, vision 2045 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, aiming to bring the livestock industry of Vietnam to have qualifications and production capacity of the advanced national group and leading in Southeast Asia. However, in recent years, the pig industry is still facing many problems such as: lack of stability in supply and demand; the competitiveness of the product is weak, epidemics often happen and easy to recur; Livestock households do not have enough conditions to ensure biosafety of husbandry, problems of environmental pollution from livestock waste often occur … Faced with the risk of a lack of pork supply and in order to solve the challenges in the livestock sector, MARD proposes and encourages businesses to link with farmers in safe livestock chains in many localities to Helping households / livestock farms to ensure biosafety, disease safety, to meet quality requirements, to ensure food safety for domestic consumption and increase exports. Therefore, MM continues to replicate the pork feeder model (in 2017, MM opened the first pork feeder station in Dong Nai province), with the goal of providing quality and safe products. At the same time, it gives farmers the opportunity to cooperate and participate in the pork production and supply chain applying industrialization and modernization of MM, in order to ensure the output for production. product and supply stabilization. MM’s transfer station is operated in compliance with VietGAP standards with strict control under a closed process from farm to table. The Quality Control team fully examines the selection of potential farmers / farms to the control of the final product quality to ensure the safe product quality is expected. Each batch of live pigs is checked and certified for animal quarantine by the local veterinary authority. Each individual pig is fitted with a traceability ring and will be the basis for traceability per unit of finished product when displayed for sale at MM. The process of transporting pork with a special refrigerated vehicle fitted with a temperature monitor throughout the journey to ensure that the meat product is transported in conditions below 4 degrees Celsius. Pork is prepared, packed and displayed. under the right temperature conditions, securing a cold chain through all processes, ensuring safe and excellent meat quality. Finished meat is packaged completely by unit with a traceability stamp (QR code) to the farm.


In the framework of the opening ceremony, MM and Song Dat Food Joint Stock Company also performed the official signing ceremony of cooperation in the organization and operation of the pork transfer station. Accordingly, Song Dat will be responsible for coordinating human resources in production activities at the station. MM will be responsible for finding and connecting potential pig farms / farms, applying MM’s food safety standard production and supply process to the station, coordinating a team of engineers and specialists. Regular inspection and monitoring at pig households and stations, in addition, MM is also responsible for putting products into consumption in MM’s supply chain to ensure stable output for products. Mr. Nguyen Duc Toan, CEO of MM Mega Vietnam shared: “With support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hanoi city departments and Thanh Tri District People’s Committee, as well as tripartite cooperation between MM Mega Market Vietnam Company, Song Dat Food Joint Stock Company and cooperatives, farmers. We are committed to participate in the development of the safe pork supply chain of Hanoi City in general and Thanh Tri District and surrounding areas in particular. I firmly believe that this will be a premise for success and a typical cooperation model that needs to be replicated in the future.”


Ms. Duong Bach Mai, Director of Song Dat Joint Stock Company, said: “With a responsible business philosophy, supporting local farmers and producers, supporting professional customers, MM’s Board of Directors has brightened. creating an improved value-linking system. In the context of increasingly deepening economic integration, a competitive business environment and change are inevitable for the 4.0 revolution, in addition, the requirements for food safety and hygiene are also increasingly focused. , organizations and individuals in the food industry need mutual assistance in joint ventures, taking advantage of each other’s strengths to improve their competitiveness to create quality products for users with attractive price.


### About MM Mega Market MM Mega Market Vietnam (“MM”) is a strategic brand belonging to the multinational corporation BJC / TCC. As a pioneer in the development of a safe agricultural supply chain, MM continuously increases the value of Vietnamese agricultural products at home and abroad with quality products at affordable prices. With more than 4,000 employees, 2000 suppliers and hundreds of partner farmers across the country, the company puts corporate social responsibility first through activities to improve education, community life and environmental Protection. In the coming time, MM Mega Market Vietnam continues to commit to operating with a business philosophy focusing on corporate trust, and always towards pioneering solutions, accompanying the sustainable development of Vietnam.