MM Mega Market Promotes Green Exports at the Prominent Vietnamese Export Fair

From May 8-11, 2024, MM Mega Market participated in the HCMC Export Expo organized by the Department of Industry and Trade and the Trade Promotion Agency. This event provided MM Mega Market with an opportunity to stay updated on consumer demands and network with domestic producers, reinforcing the MM Mega Market brand as a reputable exporter in Vietnam.

MM Mega Market’s Export Situation

Amidst various challenges faced by agricultural products, MM Mega Market Vietnam continuously strives to expand the export market for Vietnamese products, especially agricultural goods, to countries in the region and worldwide.

In 2023, MMVN exported over 1,500 tons of dragon fruit, pangasius fish, sweet potatoes, and more to markets in Thailand and Singapore. Notably, the company successfully shipped its first containers of dragon fruit to the U.S. market. MM Mega Market Vietnam aims to double its export volume in 2024, focusing on seafood and fruit products to penetrate new, demanding markets such as Australia and Europe, including Germany and the Netherlands.

MM Mega Market expects that this year’s expo is not only an opportunity to interact with domestic suppliers but also connect with a broader range of international buyers, enhancing export opportunities for various product categories in the future.

Export Experience

Each market presents unique challenges and barriers, ranging from technical to commercial aspects. For instance, some Southeast Asian countries pose challenges through policies protecting their local agricultural products. This necessitates that Vietnamese exporters should define suitable products that meet export requirements.

Specifically, in the Singapore market, shrimp and frog legs must meet weight standards and pass the SFA test to ensure no excess antibiotic residues or bacteria.

In more demanding markets like the U.S. and Europe, apart from meeting importer standards, Vietnamese products (such as dragon fruit, grapefruit, and coconut) must adhere to maximum residue limits (MRL Controlled) for pesticides. Products must also have proper planting area codes and packing house codes. Additionally, importers are concerned with maintaining competitive market prices.

Another demanding market is South Korea, which favors dragon fruit. Besides quality, size, and flesh color requirements (often preferring white-fleshed dragon fruit), the product must pass residue tests and be cleaned using Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) technology to eliminate microbial eggs while preserving fresh color.

As one of Vietnam’s leading green retailers, MM Mega Market is committed to supporting and promoting Vietnamese agricultural products globally. Their dedication to green exports aligns with the Department of Industry and Trade’s efforts to enhance export activities and serves as an inspiration for pioneering green export initiatives.