MM Mega Market opens a business location in Phu Quoc

d at Suoi Da Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc, the items stored and distributed are very diverse, mainly frozen food, dry food and non-food to serve the Home group. row; 4-5 star hotel, 2-3 star hotel, Food and grocery store in Phu Quoc. The opening of a depot station in Phu Quoc aims to provide a faster and more convenient delivery solution for MM Mega Market’s key Horeca customers here in the context that Phu Quoc has just transformed into a “coastal city. Vietnam’s first island ”. Phu Quoc has just officially become the first island city in the country with the future orientation to become a “high-quality tourism and resort center of the whole region”, major domestic and national brands. in the fields of tourism, restaurants, hotels, … have invested heavily in recent years. Phu Quoc currently has many other urban tourist complexes that are gradually being put into operation to serve tourists, over 700 accommodation establishments with more than 20,000 rooms and 15 high-end resorts come into operation, of which more than half of them are 3-5 star standard,… these are also key customer groups of MM Mega Market. Recognizing the signs of prosperity of Phu Quoc after transforming into “the first island city of Vietnam”, there are still many challenges in the supply chain due to the unique sea and island topography here, MM Mega Market opens the first depot to transfer, store and distribute goods here for the Horeca customer group, in order to solve the problem of supplying a variety of goods in large quantities and quickly, while ensuring safety. Full food at competitive prices.


MM’s depot (cargo transfer, storage and distribution station) in Phu Quoc provides mainly frozen foods, dry food, non-food products and specific products for groups of customers. Horeca products. Food storage stores can hold up to 25 tons, dry, frozen, and cold storage areas will have different storage temperatures to ensure the best quality of products. Mr. Nguyen Duc Toan, CEO of MM Mega Market Vietnam, shared: “The depot model – a place of transit, storage and distribution, offers the ability to supply a variety of goods while ensuring safety. competitively priced food for our customers in Phu Quoc – a highly developed region in travel services and hospitality but still has limited supply systems. In addition, we also aim to distribute goods to the grocery stores here – the group of customers who also have the need to import wholesale goods and resell to retail customers on the island ” Recently, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hung, Director of Food Hygiene and Safety Department of Kien Giang province, on behalf of the Food Hygiene and Safety Department, awarded a certificate of merit to MM Mega Market Kien Giang for “Achieving good results. in ensuring food safety throughout 2019 ”. Mr. Hung shared: “It can be said that up to this point, the spending plans and operational objectives of MM Mega Market company in Kien Giang have basically completed the items to meet the goods distribution requirements. The inauguration of MM Depot in Phu Quoc today is very honored to bring together businesses, business establishments and consumers to get acquainted, meet, exchange, promote and introduce products, advanced models from there to become friendly and suitable to the local economic development according to actual needs ”.