MM Mega Market – one the leading retailers in Vietnam partnered with the Foreign Agricultural Service – United States Department of Agriculture to bring the “United Tastes” closer to Vietnamese consumers

On 15 and 20 September 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City, MM Mega Market (MM) cooperates with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to organize the opening ceremony of “United Tastes” at MM Thang Long and MM An Phu. The event is honored to welcome the presence of Mr. Ralph Bean – Agricultural Counselor at the U.S Embassy in Hanoi and Mr. Benjamin Petlock – Senior Agricultural Attaché at the U.S Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City to kick off the “United Tastes” at 12 MM stores nationwide.

The United Tastes is the project exclusively designed for the Vietnam’s market to promote U.S food and beverages, as well as inspires Vietnamese people to experience the delicate and long-lasting U.S cuisine culture.

The United Tastes at MM Thang Long (Ha Noi)

Besides, MM Mega Market is one of the leading retailers in Vietnam for professional and household customers that offer diversified product portfolio. The cooperation between FAS-USDA and MM Mega Market is recognized as a synergy to effectively promote high-quality, safe, nutritious, and healthy products imported from the U.S.

Accordingly, from 15-28 September 2022, the United Tastes will introduce over 140 food & beverage products, including vegetables, fruits, beef, chicken, seafood, canned food, sauces, wines and non-alcoholic beverages from well-known U.S brands such as Coca Cola, Bristol, Spam, Anchor, Budweiser, Heinz, Lay, Kelloggs, etc. The event also provides attractive promotions, food samplings, and give-away gifts for MM’s customers. Especially, when shopping at MM on the weekends, customers can participate in the cooking demonstration prepared by MM professional chefs, enjoy a varied U.S cuisine and specialties, as well as get new and tailor-made cooking recipes.

Unique food and beverages at the United Tastes

The United Tastes is also supported by 8 non-profit USDA cooperators, which aims to widely promote the high-quality and safe agricultural products, food and beverages originated in this country.

Showing the excitement in this first-time cooperation, Mr. Bruno Jousselin – Managing Director of MM shared: “Over 27 years of establishment of bilateral trade, the United States and Vietnam has made a reliable, positive, and comprehensive relationship. The agricultural organizations in the two countries have effectively organized a wide range of cooperative activities, including the United Tastes. The initiatives not only encourage trade activities and cuisine exchanges but also strengthen and deepen the bilateral economic, cultural and social relations of both countries. Besides, since Vietnamese consumer trend has changed significantly, the more conscious about food safety, the more tendency they buy healthy products at reliable supermarkets. As a leading retailer for food products, MM strongly appreciates this cooperation and commit to tighten bilateral relations between MM and other U.S enterprises to keep bringing high-quality U.S food and beverages to Vietnamese customers”.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin – Managing Director of MM Mega Market delivered a speech at the United Tastes

During the opening ceremony, customer panels with the participation of over 20 major HORECA (hotel-restaurant-catering) customers are also organized in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City separately to share the cooking experience, special recipes solutions.