MM Mega Market cooperates with UrBox to catch up with the trend of e-Gifts and e-Vouchers

On May 12th, MM Mega Market Vietnam (MMVN) and UrBox signed a strategic cooperation agreement, aiming to capture the trend of e-Gifts and e-Vouchers to comprehensively promote digital transformation, improve customer experience, and optimize business operation processes.

According to the agreement, from May 12nd, UrBox will become the first partner in the market to officially issue the e-Voucher of MM Mega Market, and distribute it through its platforms, including the UrBox App and through a network of more than 600 business partners who are using the UrBox e-Gift service. In the immediate future, e-Vouchers issued by UrBox will be applicable at 21 MM Mega Market centers nationwide. Later, B’s Mart – our convenience store system in Ho Chi Minh City, will also put e-Voucher into use.

UrBox becoms the first official partner to issue e-Vouchers of MM Mega Market

In addition to the issuance of e-Vouchers, MM Mega Market and UrBox alsoclosely collaborate to improve the efficiency of customer care on our digital platforms. Accordingly, UrBox will supplement MCard (MM Mega Market’s mobile app) with a rich and diverse gift store including electronic gift cards of over over 1,000 physical gift from 350 brands, along with unique premium services such as flight priority check-in service. Thereby, UrBox offers MCard users a wide choice of gifts to stimulate shopping demand and retain customer loyalty for long-term shopping at MM Mega Market.

Not only digitalizing the Customer Care process, the strategic cooperation with UrBox is also expected to support MM Mega Market to push sales and attract new customers. UrBox provides advanced technology and solutions so that both MMVN and our clients can effectively launch different sales campaigns, promotions, and marketing activities through a number of solutions such as Online lottery to Win gifts or OCR Technology applied to other mobile applications that scan shopping receipts to receive gifts automatically, etc.

MMVN e-Vouchers issued on UrBox can be used at 21 nationwide centers of MMVN

The cooperation between UrBox and MM Mega Market promises to bring many outstanding mutual benefits . Besides the above-mentioned advantages, the issuance of E-voucher on Urbox will help MMVN expand its omni-channel distribution network,increase customer service, enhance efficiency and optimize management costs. Coming to UrBox, this aims to expand its e-Gift and e-Voucher portfolio, thereby satisfying high demands of our customers, taking the advantages of MMVN’s brand reputation to promote UrBox. In particular, customers gain the most benefits from this cooperation. They save a large amount of time in choosing gifts, purchase products and services at preferential prices. E-vouchers issued through the UrBox App have many flexible price ranges, satisfying both gift-giving and shopping needs of customers. E-voucher operation is convenient, easy, just one-touch, contactless by presenting a code/barcode on the phone screen when making payment at the cashier.

Mr. Bruno Jousselin, Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam, shared, “In the recognition of the digitalization of management system to improve customer experience, MM Mega Market is constantly looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to replace traditional paper vouchers, typically the issuance of e-Vouchers on MCard. In the future, we expect that the cooperation with strategic partners such as UrBox will contribute to promoting comprehensive digital transformations, diversifying utilities and customers’ e-Gifts on our mobile applications. In addition to improving customer experience, MM Mega Market Vietnam also focuses on optimizing purchase benefits through two largest price campaigns, including Wholesale prices for more than 40 fresh food items and Price Locks for more than 500 commodities.”

The strategic partnership opens up new collaborative opportunities in the future

Mr. Bui Hoai Nam – Founder and CEO of UrBox said: “The cooperation with MM Mega Market aligns with UrBox’s strategy to promote its reputation in the FMCG and retail industry. Beyond e-gift solution, UrBox develops and brings sustainable values for businesses in the fiercely competitive market: UrBox recognizes that customer loyalty, increasing sales at optimal costs, optimal processes are important determinants to support businesses develop sustainably and enhance competitiveness. The application of e-Voucher to customer care processes and sales campaigns helps to meet the diverse needs of consumers’ shopping – payment – gift giving, and optimizes business operations. Additionally, e-Voucher and e-Gift are also in line with the green and sustainable consumption to reduce waste. It can be said that the electronic gifts represent innovation, creativity and environmental friendliness, which is a driving force to promote the comprehensive digitalization, sustainable development that UrBox ultimately pursuits.”