Korean Seafood Festival at MM Mega Market

On May 22, MM Mega Market Vietnam organized the Korean Seafood Festival with the participation of leaders from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of Korea, along with various associations. The event aimed to introduce different cooking solutions featuring Korean seafood, particularly abalone, to the restaurant-hotel-canteen sector.

In the first half of 2024, MM Mega Market collaborated with the aT Center to host a series of events promoting Korean cuisine, such as “Taste of Korea,” offering discounts on hundreds of imported Korean products.

Following this, MM Mega Market held the Korean Seafood Festival focusing on promoting specialities, such ass abalone, flounder, and frozen oysters. MM also aims to strengthen relationships with major Korean seafood suppliers and expand the number of directly imported SKUs distributed at MM.

MM Mega Market organizes the Korean Seafood Festival

Abalone – the highlight of the Korean Seafood Festival

The festival notably introduced different cooking solutions featuring Korean abalones for the HORECA (hotel-restaurant-canteen) professional customers. Known as the “jewel” of Korean seas, Korean abalones are famous for their thick and sweet meat, tender chewiness, and perfectly balanced nutrition.

Abalone was the highlight of the festival

The professional chefs of MM Mega Market emphasized the uniqueness of Korean abalone, supporting HORECA to distinguish Korean abalone from other similar products on the market, thereby making best choice for professional customers.

The event has the participation of B2B customers in the HORECA industry

Customized solutions for the HORECA sector

Specialized solutions for professional B2B customers are considered a competitive advantage of MM Mega Market Vietnam. In 2024, MM Mega Market is intensifying its product knowledge training sessions for the salesforce, providing in-depth knowledge and highlighting product features. This enables the internal salesforce to offer the most optimal solutions for each B2B customer.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Toan – Commercial Director of MM Mega Market delivered a speech at the event

Recently, MM Mega Market has collaborated with MLA Vietnam and Stanbroke, a leading beef supplier in Australia, Unilever Food Solutions, and the Escoffier to conduct in-depth training programs on product structure, ingredients, functionality, tastes and textures, as well as handling methods to maintain quality, etc. These efforts aim to meet the demands for chefs and HORECA customers nationwide.