Marking the 6-year journey of developing the MM Mega Market brand in Vietnam, the “Super Birthday – Super Promotion” expects to bring thousands of shopping programs with discounts up to 50% for fresh food, dry food, and non-food items.

“Super birthday – Super promotion” at MM nationwide stores

“Super birthday – Super promotion” is a sincere gratitude to customers who have trusted and accompanied MM Mega Market during the 6-year journey in Vietnam market. The event also gives customers the opportunity to shop freely without concerning the price, especially when there is a sharp increase in the price of petrol and essential commodities.

Customers can enjoy discounts up to 50%, buy 2 get 1, buy more save more, or multiply accumulated points up to 10 times, when shopping directly at the 21 MM distribution centers, or through MM Click & Get – online shopping channels and the MCard app. Customers can also receive additional coupons for each online bill paid via Zalo Pay.

Moreover, MM allows customers to buy different items for non-food items such as home appliances, electronics, furniture, and clothing at fixed price, including 99k, 199k and 299k. Additional discounts on dry food items such as soft drinks, coffee, fresh milk, cakes, and cooking ingredients are also applied at MM.

Many products are discounted up to 50%

Fresh food is considered as the greatest strength of MM. Meat and fish, vegetables and fruits certified for food safety and hygiene according to VietGAP and HACCP standards and are having attractive discounts. While the prices of meat and fish decrease from 14% to 25%, fruits and vegetables sharply decrease from 10% to 20%.

MM organizes an online minigame with a total prize value of up to 20 million VND. To participate in the program, customers are asked to follow MM Mega Market’s Facebook fanpage, record birthday shopping experiences, and share their experiences on Facebook account with the hashtag #MMBirthday2022. At the same time, livestreams introducing preferential items on birthday ocasssion is also updated weekly to customers.

Fresh food items are also included in this super promotion.

Looking back on the 6-year journey of sustainable development in Vietnam, MM Mega Market is proud to be a pioneer in building a clean food supply chain “from farm to fork”. MM is aware of its great social responsibility, step by step becoming a leading “green retailer” in using clean energy and saying no to plastic bags at the cashier. The imprint of MM Mega Market in the Vietnam’s retail market has achieved thanks to the trust and choice of each strategic partner, supplier, HORECA professional customer, and household customer over years.