Corporate Social Responsibility

Support 3000 Packages For Binh Chanh Field Hospital No. 1

October 2021

On October 22, MM Mega Market VN donated 3000 essential goods which value at 100 million VND to patients, doctors, and medical staff at Binh Chanh field hospital No. 1

Binh Chanh field hospital No. 1 was established to give first aid and treat Covid – 19 F0 cases in the district with a scale of 1000 beds. There are around 300 medical staff and logistic staff currently working at the hospital.

With the spirit of joining hands for the community, hopefully, the contribution of MM Mega Market VN will help patients and medical staff as well as volunteers at Binh Chanh field hospital to be more energetic and resilient in the fight against Covid – 19

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