Corporate Social Responsibility

Trash Sorting Training For Local Community At Ha Tu Ward, Ha Long City

November 2022

On November 30th, 2022, MM Mega Market Ha Long Center held a training session on how to separate waste at source for people in Quarter 1, Ha Tu Ward, Ha Long City.

This is an extremely meaningful activity in that MM has cooperated with people and the Women’s Union of Quarter 1 of Ha Tu Ward. Within the framework of this training session, the local people organized the collection, sorting and sale of recyclable waste to support the disadvantaged in the neighborhood with a total amount of 3,490,000 VND. In addition, MM also gave a gift of 100 reusable MM shopping bags to people in Quarter 1 – Ha Tu Ward and propagated to people to protect the environment by limiting the use of plastic bags.

Through this environmental activity, MM Mega Market Ha Long Center was very happy that the people in the neighborhood have gained more knowledge in separating waste at source and are aware that protecting the environment is the key to protecting themself. “Small Action, Big Impact” – MM will try to coordinate and organize more training sessions on how to sort garbage periodically and regularly for people to gradually build a civilized lifestyle in the locality, heading towards a green life and sustainable development.