Regional Sales Force Manager – South

Regional Sales Force Manager – South

Ngành nghề: sales
Địa điểm: Ho Chi Minh City
Mức lương: Thỏa thuận

To increase sales, margin and frequency for all the Customer portfolios s/he is responsible for throughout the year and for the region s/he is responsible for.

S/he will be interface between the field and the Head Office.

Responsible for Regional level of Sales Force team in cooperation with Head of Region/ SFM. Ensure communication/ exchange/ information/ action plan setting and propose recommendation based on Portfolio and store priorities.

Set portfolio targets based on Top-Down and Bottom – up approach.

To ensure Competence development of his/her team by regular on the job coaching, support and evaluation.




  • Implement and follow the Customer Strategy defined by the Company.
  • Involved in the customer portfolio selection in close contact with the Store Managers, Ho SF and HoR.
  • Monitor the results according to the KPI’s as well as to the qualitative objectives that s/he can define for her/ his tea in order to make the right decisions to improve the situation.
  • Responsible for reaching Quantitative (KPI’s) & Qualitative objectives (follow-up appraisal). Responsible for the successes as well as the failure that her/his team may have.
  • Analyze the results (weekly, monthly and quarterly) of the Sales Force Managers in terms of turnover, profits, losses, margin, frequency, average buying to make the right decisions to improve the situation if needed.
  • Plan and to organize her/his on the job activities in due time in order to meet all the Sales Forces Managers at least one time per month.
  • Ensure transparency and respect of defined portfolio management rules.
  • Communicate and to inform the Store Manager or the Ho R regarding the people issues (level, trainings, recruitment, rotation etc…).
  • Communicate and talk to the Head of Sales Force for all business as well as people issues.
  • Work in close contact with Store Managers, Floors Managers and Department Managers.
  • Make sure and facilitate the communication, in each store, is established between the Sales Force and the Store staff.
  • Organize regular meetings with her/his Sales Force at least one time per month for Business review.
  • Develop and deliver proposals to adapt for her/his district the objectives, defined and share with the Store Managers, SFM & Head of SF and Region.
  • Responsible for the management of the SF including recruitment, training planning and execution of the action plans agreed with Ho SF, Store Manager and Ho R.
  • Reach the global objectives of her/his region in terms of sales growth, cost, and staff competence development according to the following KPI’s:
  • Increase the number of the new buying customer (activation)
  • Increasing of the portfolios dedicated to her/his team
  • Average turnover per customer for her/his district based on the portfolios
  • Items per customer / Share of wallet
  • Customer Visit frequency
  • Increasing of some specific departments according to her/his portfolio and specialization. This objective can be optional and depends on the strategy defined by the country
  • Sales Force contribution to specific TGM campaign
  • Develop the skills and the competence of her/his team by coaching, mentoring, supporting, evaluating and providing efficient feedback, trainings and all the appropriate actions which enable the sales team to perform.
  • Manage, motivate, train, follow and control the activity and the productivity of the Sales Managers and the SFM in order to optimize the results including the activity/ availability rate and Perform.
  • Recruit and assess the Sales Force together with the support of Store Managers, Sales Force Managers and HR.
  • Conduct the yearly appraisal and ensure its quarterly follow-up.



  • Be responsible for focusing a group of Sales Managers and Sales Force Managers on a specific area.
  • Be responsible for reaching Quantitative (KPIs) & Qualitative objectives (follow-up appraisal). Be responsible for the successes as well as the failures that her/his team may have.
  • Be involved in the recruitment and the assessment of the Sales Force. Be responsible for searching successors and people with potential.
  • Be in charge to supervise and control the execution of the Sales Force Manager and Sales Managers action plans as well as their activity and productivity regularly.
  • Be in charge of visiting Sales Managers to check the quality and how the strategy is executing by the staff.
  • To coach the Sales Force Managers on the job (not only in the office for some administrative tasks or quantitative measurements) to develop additional management skills and to check the implementation of the right customer approach through the MM Mega Market selling technique (see 8 steps process) up and cross selling and negotiation process.
  • Spend time with some Sales Managers in order to be aware the situation and define the additional support the Sales Force will need in terms of tools, training, information …
  • Survey as well as deliver inputs and monitor the market in order to know what Competitors are doing to allow MM Mega Market to react and to adapt its Strategy.
  • Recommend a course of action (not simply to tell or inform) and supervise its execution and follow up based on Region/ Store situation.
  • Attend some specific meetings with Head of Region (at least one time per month) and the Head of Sales Force (at least one time per month) for business review priorities and ensure communication between SF, store and TGM.
  • Ensure proper execution of TGM solutions, incentives and actions by fixing SF contribution expected in each campaign.
  • Implement and develop usage of SF Marketing plan and perform tool.
  • Will monitor SF Performance and all solutions/ innovations/ incentives/ challenges proposed by TGM and SF Marketing plan.
  • To report to line manager and peer group specific campaign results on campaigns developed with TGM.
  • To coordinate the job of the TGM Trader/Horeca (If existing) with her/his sales team.
  • To follow and facilitate the job of the Trader or Horeca (if existing) TGM as well as the cooperation of the store staff.
  • To collect the Customer Demands, Expectations and Needs and then propose solutions and alternative to them in a short terms view with the contribution of the Buyers and TGM.
  • To make sure that the Sales Force uses on a right way all the tools, forms, reports and solutions that MM Mega Market provides.


Candidate must have at least 8 years of sales experience in FMCG or Food Service industry

Familiar with customer in GT, Horeca or B2B.

At least 5 years at managerial position.

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